Research interests, lab members

My research interests are diverse, but there are a few themes.

  • (Conscious or unconscious) vision
  • Alpha oscillations in relation to attention and vision
  • Mechanisms of brain stimulation  

My research is facilitated by my mentor and the head of our section:
Professor Dr. Alexander Sack

(Former) lab members

I want to thank all the amazing grad students I’ve had the pleasure of supervising: 

PhD students

Qiannong Wang (2021+)
Morten Gørtz Jønsson (2021+)
Tuba Aktürk (2020+)
Olof van der Werf (2018+)
Shanice Janssens (2017+)
Selma Kemmerer (2016+)
Alix Thomson, PhD (2016-2021)
Stefano Gallotto, PhD (2016-2021)

Master students

Stefanie Henauer
Sjors Vermijs
Alma Ouweneel
Katinka Grauert
Beatriz Puerta Catoira
Fillipo Brambillasca
Jeffrey Inglis
Monique Germann
Shanice Janssens
Emils Edriss