If you are looking for a copy writer, a copy editor, or feedback on written text, feel free to contact me!

I have extensive writing experience, in English and Dutch, for different audiences and with different goals in mind. Analytical thinking and social skills, coupled with a way with words, result in a rather unique skill set. I understand intuitively what needs to be written, and how to structure and phrase it, to achieve the intended goals for a piece of text.

My own list of publications, awarded scholarships, grants and prizes, show that I know how to get a point across. Moreover, I have managed and edited a successful website (, translated several books and articles from Dutch to English and vice versa, and regularly assist in the writing of (often successful) subsidy and grant applications.


“I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say until you said it for me.”

“Tom is ridiculous, he could sell eggs to a chicken farmer.” (not sure that one is a compliment)